Frequently Asked Questions

SOLARIS® is a highly respected second-generation Arizona-based company specializing in custom solar systems for residential and commercial properties. Knowledge, integrity, and customer service are the three key reasons for our continuing long-term success.

Federal pays 30% and the state amount varies by location.

With this option, you only pay for the solar power you use. With a PPA, the company will charge you a flat monthly rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) based on how much energy your solar panels generate per hour.

There is a 25 year-manufacturer’s warranty that covers the product and performance of the solar panels.

Solar panels can indeed increase the value of your home. A real estate marketplace study in 2019 found that homes with solar panels installed sold on average 4.1% higher than comparable homes without them.

The decision to buy or lease your solar energy system depends on your reasons for going solar. If you are interested in maximizing the financial returns of your solar energy system, buying the system is probably a better decision for you. However, if you prioritize an easy, maintenance-free way to reduce your energy bills and help the environment, you should consider a solar lease.